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Don't be a Tourist today, be a Local with George and Marvin!
Roatan Custom Tours generally divides its tours into 2 East Side Tours and West Side Tours because of the limited time available to cruise ship  customers. If time is not an issue, a more Customized Tour combining Roatan Island tourist attractions from both ends of the Island can be arranged . We can also Custom Design a Tour of Your Choice by mixing and matching activities offered throughout the Island. For example if you just want to  do an amazing zip line and take a swim or snorkel in the Caribbean and return to your ship, that is easily done. Ask me about special pricing for  these arrangements. I offer individual pricing that will be more economical.
*Additional fees are a part of these attraction sights.
Custom Tours
Prices for Cruise Tours
Island Tours
   1 Person for the day: $120    If you are staying on the Island for any length
East Side Tour # 1
   2 People for the day: 45 per person    of time we are happy to arrange transportation
East Side Tour # 2
   2 People for the day: 60 per person    for anything you need or want to do, night/day!
West Side Tour
   3 People for the day: $40 per person  
Water and Shoreline Tours
   4 People or More: $35 per person  
Airport Pick Up and Delivery
Grocery Shopping/ Errands
Custom Tours-Your Choice! Mix & Match
We are here for you to enjoy Roatan
Gift Shop Visiting and Purchasing
All of these tours can include: *zip lining,
at affordable prices. Please feel free
Ferry Pick Up and Delivery
*Carambola Gardens Botanical Tour,
to email me about any price
Banking/ATM needs
*Butterfly Farm, *Iguana and Marine
           concerns/questions you may have.  
Preserve, *Monkey Park, *Fishing
Medical Needs/ Pharmacy/Doctor
*Gumbolimba Park, * Kayaking,
For more Roatan Tourist Information, we
Real Estate Referrals and Tours
Beaching/Swimming, * Snorkeling,
Acquiring a Cell Phone
      *Scuba Diving, *Glass Bottom Boat,                           Safe Legal Services
       Sunning, *Parasailing and more!        
I want to assure you that we are Licensed Taxi and Tour Operators with Roatan Honduras, that you are safe with us and we will always stay with you throughout your tour. We speak English, have affordable prices and can arrange transportation for your tour for any number of people. There are plenty of places to get water, drinks and food throughout the tours.
If you wish to primarily Scuba Dive, Catamaran Sail, go Fishing or book a Boat Snorkel Tour, then my transporation services to and from these Tours is $25 per person with a 2-4 person minimum.
East Side of the Island Tour with Roatan Custom Tours with Roatan Custom Tours:
East Side Tour # 1 Includes all of the attractions through to Punta Gorda only staying mostly on paved roads.
East Side Tour # 2 Has stops at any of these East Side attractions with Camp Bay or Paya Bay as more distant destinations with fun dirt road rides. This tour is priced based on the distance of your destination and dirt road driving. But what a ride and Camp Bay and Paya Bay are breathtaking and you will never forget it!
Bring your cameras as we stop and look at the ship wreck in Dixon Cove as we head to the fishing village of French Harbor. This little village is home to some of Roatan Island's largest fishing boats. It is a busy community and a main area for banks and business.

Out on French Key is the Roatan Marine and Iguana Park. Arch, a local Islander, set up his own Iguana Reserve. According to Arch there are over 3,400 Iguanas of mainly 4 different species living on his property. You may feed and pet the Green Iguanas and the Black Iguanas as well as Monkey Lalas (Jesus Lizards) and Anoli Lizards (blue headed).
The Arch family has expanded the facility to include monkeys, marine fish and turtles, beautiful birds and a nice gift shop.

Don't miss the mid morning feeding of the Iguanas and be sure you have your camera ready! The entrance fee is $8 per person with specials for families.
We stop and take pictures of the spectacular views and First Bight. From there we will visit the Parrot Tree Resort where you can snorkel, swim or enjoy a bite to eat.

On our way to Oak Ridge there will be open jungle views with large towering nut palm trees, vista views of the Roatan reef and village scenes.
Punta Gorda is the home of the Garifuna, the oldest settlement on the Island. It is great fun to stop at the Garifuna Village and participate in making your own whole fish dinner and watch them perform their festive dance! It is lots of fun and you can learn the dance too!
There will be two different Roatan Zip Lines you can choose from on our way out East or on the way back. Ask me about special pricing if you just want to be picked up from the cruise ship, do a big Zip Line and head back to the ship.

Roatan Custom Tours
suggests that you wear strap back sandals, bug spray, cool clothing and bring your camera for riding the zip line. Zip Tour Guides are happy to photograph you as you zip!
West Side Tour with Roatan Custom Tours and George Lemus! Come be a local with us!
Have your cameras ready because you will see the shipwrecks at Dixon Cove and have a chance to drive up Mayan Hill in Coxen Hole for spectacular views.

We will then drive through historic Coxen Hole and visit recommended gift shops. Tourist discounts are given through our tour and there will be lots of Honduran made gifts to choose from.
Sandy Bay has several points of interest. Choose the attractions you want to visit the most!
A small fee of under $10 per person is needed to visit these attractions.

 Roatan Monkey Park - interact with different species of local monkey's, a variety of birds and other animals. The cages that you are allowed to enter, are large and very clean. You will have the chance to feed the monkeys and get great photos of you playing with them!
Butterfly Garden - Enjoy a variety of butterflies and other pets at this attraction. See the cocoons, emerging butterfly, special flowering plants for the butterfly's and feeding stations.
This is an interesting and beautiful stop.
Stop in picturesque West End and walk through the village, browse in special shops, walk the beach at Half Moon Bay and try some real Island flavor restaurants.
On to the Light House overlook. The admission fee is $1 climb inside the lighthouse to give you a 360 view of the Island. You can see both Cruise Ship Ports and on clear days the Islands of Cayos Cochinos! Some road side venders are there, so you may just find that special gift!
South Shore Canopy Tour and Eco Park is a fun adventure. You can zipline through the jungle tree tops and enjoy the views as you go! It is $45 per person. There is a gift shop and refreshment area and public bathrooms. If the zipline is not your interest, there is a new paved nature trail with suspension bridges that weaves you through the jungle. A great idea if you are waiting for other folks to zipline or prefer a nice walk with a guide. $25. A ride is available to take you back up to meet your tour guide.
West Bay Beach is a great destination after your fun tourist attractions. Enjoy the soft white sand and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. There are many activities available such as snorkeling, parasailing, paddle boarding etc. for an addition fee.
If you want to get out of the sun, you can enjoy a drink or snack at one of the many seaside bars and restaurants and enjoy the view. There are beach chairs for $5, changing rooms and bathrooms.
Roatan Custom Tours will be sure to stay with you at each attraction and gather you in time to move on to the next. We will get you back to the boat on time! Today, you had a chance to be a "local" and see the real Roatan. We look forward to meeting you and returning you to the ship as a newly made friend! Your tips not only go toward my family, but toward other charitable organizations for the welfare of children on Roatan Island, so we thank you ahead of time!


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