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Special Services/Unique Local Tour

Don't be a Tourist today, be a Local with George !
George is a Personal Transportation Specialist that is safe, reliable, on time and has affordable rates!
His Personal On Island  Tour is offered by no other on Roatan Island.
Personal Service
Unique Local Tour
Special Services
Roatan Tours
This is a tour designed for visitors staying on
   If you are staying on the Island for any length
Roatan Island for an extended time. It is a
  of time we will  arrange transportation
personalized Tour George offers just for YOU!
for anything you need or want to do, night/day!
The Personalized On Island Tour is $150/day
Gift Shop Visiting and Purchasing
depending on the # of people/car or Van use.
Grocery Shopping/ Errands
Airport Pick Up and Delivery
George carries your choice of drinks in a
Ferry Pick Up and Delivery
cooler so all you buy is food and the entrance
Banking/ATM needs
fees to enter Roatan Adventures you choose.
Medical Needs/ Pharmacy/Doctor
So, grab your bathing suit,camera,sun glasses
Real Estate Referrals and Tours
and sun block to be ready for a day you will
Acquiring a Cell Phone
never forget!
Safe Legal Services
You are heading EAST - CAMP  BAY or bust!
I want to assure you that I am a Licensed Taxi and Tour Operator with Roatan Honduras, that you are safe with me and I will always stay with you for any tour, shopping needs, help inside the airport, or picking out that special souvenir. If you want to go to a restaurant at night, I will stay with the car and wait for you to take you safely home. I speak English, have affordable prices and can arrange transportation for any number of people wanting to go out together. I am available 24/7.
A few of the many services I offer and the atmosphere of the trip:
EMAIL ME ahead of time, or CALL  ME  with your arrival dates and time and I will be there inside the Airport or Ferry to meet you. Look for my sign ROATAN   CUSTOM  TOURS that i will be holding up when you come through the airport baggage doors or Ferry off load area. I will also plan to take you back to the airport/ferry at the proper time and stay with you if you like to get your ticketing, exit fees paid and be in the right line for customs/passport check before going through the security check point. Contact me today!
Gift Shop Visiting and Purchasing: visit quality artisan gift shops where you can purchase special items made on Roatan and in Honduras. Most of these produces are "Fair Trade" and not taxed by the Honduran government. All proceeds go directly the makers.
Plan for as much shopping time as you like and maybe add a lunch stop as well. ( I will pick you up and return you safely to your where you are staying.) Call me today at (504) 9634-2377  (504) 3182-0143  or email at
Banking and ATM:  There are several Banks and ATM machines on the Island that I can help you with by providing translation and help with the ATM machine. I am also glad to help you purchase a Cell Phone and get the best minute plan set up for you. We can stop at the grocery store along the way, so don't hesitate to ask!
Restaurant Services: I can help you make a reservation, get you safely to your Restaurant of choice, will wait for you in my car and bring you safely home. I am available 24/7 should you decide to stay in West End for awhile and then have me return to pick you up...any time frame is fine with me!
I am available to you for any form of transportation, however many stops you need to make, and however long you want to be gone. Just give me a call at  (504) 9634-2377  (504) 8852-6944  and we will make the necessary plans!
Special Unique On Island Tour Offered Only by George Lemus
This is a special personalilzed local tour for people staying on the Island only. It is packed with fun for the whole day 9am - 6pm and is a Roatan experience you will always treasure. It is perfect for a couple, family or small group. The base price is $150 or more depending on the number of people in the group and what size vehichle George has to use to make your day comfortable, cool, and safe.
Work with George to prepare his large all day cooler with whatever you want to drink for the day - water, sodas, beer, rum... whatever you like!
George will pick you up at 9am and  you will head EAST. There are various stops along the way to see beautiful Roatan Island vista views, so be sure to have your camera with you! There are some small Roatan souvenier shops around some of these view areas if you want to look around.
One stop you may choose is the Arch's Iguana Preserve and Marine Park. There is an $8 entrance fee per person and you can feed the Iguanas yourself. It is pretty amazing to see so many Iguanas at once as well as the different species there.
On to Punta Gorda for incredible views and a chance to see the Garifuna culture. We can stop there for a fun whole fish Island lunch, learn the traditional Garifuna dance and watch them dance in their colorful clothes. The Garifunas were the first to inhabit the Bay Islands of which Roatan is a part of  in the Bay of Honduras.
We will then head past the fishing village of Oak Ridge on to Paya Bay for a spectacular view of St. Helena and Guanja Islands. There are also nice beaches there and a restaurant on the rock bluff if you prefer to plan to eat there.
You will finally reach the beautiful beaches at Camp Bay Roatan, where we will visit the Camp Bay Beach Adventure Lodge. You can kayak, swim sunbath, snorkel, take long white sand beach walks and enjoy the restaurant and bar if you like. Click here to see photos of the area. When you reach this page, click their logo to see the slide show!
You can plan on having around 3 hours or more there depending on what you want to do on the way out or on the way back.
People have told me over and over that this was the best day of their time on Roatan, so don't miss it!  Call me right away and lets get your day of being a local with George Lemus started!  See phone numbers below or fill out my contact form.

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